The Americas

Hola South America

From Amazonian rainforests, to Incan ruins, Andean Peaks and Patagonian glaciers, South America is the continent that has it all.  Just the name conjures up intrepid explorers and wonderful adventures.  Join us on this 24 day epic journey when we visit Chile, Argentina, Lima and Peru and take some of the best sights these beautiful countries have to offer.  As we contemplate the astounding power of Iguazú Falls, and gaze at temples built by Inca armies we’ll also take the time to listen to a Brazilian samba, and marvel at the rhythm an Argentine tango.  This is a trip of a lifetime and you won’t want to miss it.

Incredible Cuba

Cuba is a country that captures the imagination.  The faded glamour of the colonial-era buildings and its cars, bars and wonderful people make it a captivating and seductive destination. Travel with us as we discover the history, culture and natural beauty of this colourful Caribbean island with its world-renowned charm.    From vintage cars to the smell of cigars, we will experience it all as we travel the country and look beyond the chipped paintwork to discover the delights of this fascinating nation.  A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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